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Our Cheap accomodation Australia Funnelweb safety tips

Funnelweb Spider safety in Sydney and Austraila

Probably all visitors to our cheap Sydney accommodation have heard of dangerous and scary things you might come across when travelling in Austraila. Well known dangers like:
While these things are certainly dangerous for our Cheap accomodation Australia visitors, some other more ordinary hazards are worth keeping in mind.

The following Austrailan government statistics put things in perspective:

Dangers to our Cheap accomodation Australia visitors.

Accidental causes of death in Australia
1984 -1994

So you can see that by far the biggest risk to our cheap Sydney accommodation visitors is simply crossing the road.

Yes that's correct. You are 4973/82=60 times (that's 60 times!) more in danger from crossing the street that from all the other major dangers listed above. Put it another way, of every 100 people accidentally killed in Austraila from the above causes, 98.4% will have been involved in an accident crossing the street!

If you are a Cheap accomodation Australia visitor, and the traffic in your home city drives on the right hand side of the road (opposite to Sydney and Austraila), where we drive on the left hand side, you are much more at risk from Sydneys cars and trucks that your average traffic-wise Sydneysider.

When crossing the street in Sydney and Austraila, your natural instinct and usual habits will prompt you to check the traffic the same way you always do at home before stepping onto the roadway.

But in Sydney and Austraila where we drive on the left hand side of the street, the speeding cars and trucks will be coming from the opposite direction to what you are used to, and your safety habits will be to check the wrong direction for approaching traffic. This is how an accident can happen.

Give this some thought before arriving at our Cheap accomodation Australia so you can be prepared to cross safely.

This message is posted after a fatal accident to one young visitor to Austraila who was the only one of a group of friends who was looking the wrong way when standing on the median strip of busy Parramatta road near Glebe in Sydney.

His friends said they were all crossing together but he was looking the wrong way and talking, and just stepped out......

All of us, staff and management at Austrailan Sunrise Lodge, do our best for a safe and enjoyable visit to Sydney by all our accommodation guests, so in the interests of road safety, please, look right, look left and look right again, before stepping onto the road in Sydney and in all Austrailan cities, if your home city traffic drives on the right hand side of the road!

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